-ENG- Nassim Haramein @ Tom WhoKnows 22.10.2016 – What is Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Matrix?

Okt 22, 2016 | Talk mit Tom | 0 Kommentare

I had the great opportunity to have a talk with the physicist Nassim Haramein at the 4th Congress of frontier Science where we could exchange our world of thoughts.

Most of you know Nassim Haramein from Movies like THRIVE

Since years, Nassim is trying to combine all aspects of science to get answers for the most fundamental Questions of Life itself, the Universe and our Reality.  He also foundet his own research Institute the “Resonance Science Foundation

I am more then happy, that i had the Chance to share some thoughts together with Nassim 🙂

We discussed lots of Topics:
• What is reality?
• Are we living in some kind of Matrix?
• How does it work?
• Why and how are all things connected to each other?
• Artificial Intelligence
• Concept of Time
• Planet 9
• Keshe Foundation
• His new Movie “The Connected Universe”
…and much much more 🙂

Thank you very much Nassim & Sabine who made this possible!

Much Love & enjoy
German Version of the Interviews